It's time to PLUG into your potential and unleash the best version of yourself


Are you ready to unlearn old habits and learn new ones, Let us be your guide.

Whether you’re a student, freelancer, entrepreneur, or employee, you’ve come to the right place to access the tools and inspiration necessary for advancing your career. Are you prepared to get started? This isn’t solely about gaining new knowledge; it involves unlearning as well. Liberating oneself from outdated habits and beliefs is crucial for personal transformation. In the contemporary world, time is our most precious asset, and understanding how to optimize it is crucial for achieving success.



Micro-Steps Strategy - Baby Steps | Big wins.

Tune in for expert insights on achieving big goals through small, manageable actions. Discover the power of breaking down tasks into bite-sized steps for maximum productivity and success. Learn how to apply this strategy to various aspects of your life, from personal development to professional growth.

INCRE-Mentality Part 1

"Follow up as we delve into the essence of Incrementality, the secret sauce to unlocking productivity. We explore how small, consistent steps pave the path to monumental achievements. Tune in as we decode the power of gradual progress in this episode dedicated to Incrementality and its transformative impact on productivity."


Dive into the transformative power of positive stress. Uncover strategies for harnessing eustress—productive and beneficial stress—to boost productivity, enhance learning, and achieve your goals. We explore life hacks and practical tips to turn stress into a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Discover the untapped potential within stress and learn how to leverage it as a tool for success.


Empowerment through strategic action.

Get invaluable insights into achieving your goals and overcoming obstacles in the journey towards success.

You get equipped not only to dream big but also to develop the resilience and strategic foresight necessary to turn those dreams into reality, navigate the complexities of the modern world and emerge victorious.


Brian Tracy Author/Speaker/Consultant

“This wonderful, inspiring book gives you a blueprint for a mindset shift in positioning yourself to success. Read it, apply it, and let these ideas change your life..”

Farzana Baduel Designation

“The Underdog Code is an evidence-based set of principles to achieve your life’s goals. Imo has penned the ultimate guide on how to harness the power of perceptions to change outcomes. Adopting the underdog state of mind is key to success.”

Ivy Muchai Ivy Muchai

“Are you entering a new phase of life be it work, business or making a pivot?  Looking to level up or just unsure of your place in life and need some fuel to get you going! The Underdog code!” Imowo’s ability to distil life strategies in such an actionable way is consistently impressive. He speaks from the heart and truly lives by these principles! The underdog code book is a worthy life manual

Christina TAN Min Shyan Dounder and Director of Sales Symphony | Speaker | Sales Coach | Trainer

"Love the authentic stories of an underdog with Imo vulnerably sharing his underdog position. But he is one who has successfully turned pain into propane! I can truly identify with him as I too had more than once been put in an underdog position in breaking through the markets of the giants. If you want to break the secret code from being an Underdog into a Champion Dog, then you must give this book a read!"

Karen Heimlicher - Foong Mental Fitness Coach

Ever caught yourself in frustration yelling “This is just so unfair!”… that moment that makes you want to throw down the towel and walk away? Well Imo did a great job reframing how to use challenges and setbacks as your fuel rather than barriers, to win in life. A relatable and inspiring read, that makes you want to keep turning the page, not only for past inspiring success stories, but also in search for the whats and hows you need, so you can apply this to yourself. This book is an anecdote to this frequent quote “No one said Life is fair”, because it does not matter where you are at the starting line, you can cross at the front of the finish line, not once, twice but continuously!

Hina N. University Lecturer in MBA & MSc International Business and Management .

...We all have that 'underdog' inside of us and sometimes we feel disadvantaged when compared to certain standards or expectations... Imo's book shows how those same disadvantages can turnaround to be the super power we need!

Dare Fadeji Thought Leader - Supply Chain Management

"Imo skillfully weaved through stories of underdogs, ranging from his personal experience to examples in the world of sports and entertainment. In a compelling and easy-to-read manner, he shows us the kind of mindset needed to win in life. The Underdog Code is a must-read for anyone who loves to win."

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